Sue Private Nurses Agency Pte Ltd has been established since 1981. In the beginning the Company only provides local qualified nurses to hospitals, institutions, clinics, factories, and for individual nursing care in hospitals and patients’ homes.

As Singapore is undergoing changes and upgrading all the times, the Company also expanded to keep in touch with the ever-changing trends. The nurses are qualified with either a Nursing Diploma or Bachelor of Science in Nursing. For Homecare they are either Singaporean or Foreign Nurses with the necessary qualifications.



  • Individual Nursing Care at individual patients’ homes, hospitals and institutions.
  • Floor Duty: The Agency nurse is hired to work in the hospital environment as one of the hospital nurses but under the Agency contract and payroll. This helps the hospital to relieve temporary shortage of staff and also works within their own budget.
  • Clinic Nurse: helps to maintain the clinic working environment and assist the doctors in procedures.
  • Factory Nurse: upkeeps the clinic in the factory and see to the medical needs of staff and workers.
  • School Nurse: monitors school children who are not well and also renders first aid to school children. Nurses are under the Agency’s payroll.
  • Companions to patients going back to home country.
  • Short term nursing care: going to patients’ homes to provide short nursing care like assisting bathing in elderly and babies, wounds care, insertion of feeding tubes, catheterisation, and administering certain drugs and injections under the doctor’s instructions and supervisions.
  • Special monitoring and recordings of patients on drugs trial at patients’ homes for drug companies.
  • Customised home visits to teach the caregivers in specialized care for the clients.



A. For Hospital & Institutions:

Pre-screening of foreign nurses for hospitals and nursing homes recruitment. These nurses chosen must follow the criteria of Singapore Nursing Board and also the hospitals’ requirement.


B. Homecare Nurses:

They are recruited to take care of either elderly or very young children in their client’s homes, Homecare services for our elderly and elderly sick is one of the solutions for our aging population.

The clients are their employers and these nurses stay with them under a work permit, valid for two years. Their responsibilities are to take care of the sick elderly to promote and maintain their health or the very young babies or young children who needs more specialised care at home whilst their parents are at work.


Sue Agency has a pool of nurses who will home visit the clients to monitor the nurses’ performance especially the foreign nurses, to guide, motivate the foreign nurses and maintain the health status of the clients. Minimal visit is three times. This service is free if the foreign nurses are engaged from the Company